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Hospital Bag Checklist

Finally I am back after a long hiatus. Taking time to think a bit and concentrate on other stuff and collaborating with various people! It has been quite a ride. I've met so many interesting people this month alone! I cant wait to share all about it soon!

But today I have something else to share...

Now all of you can download this template for free! Yes! Free!

I will share more templates in the future! I hope this will help you guys to nicely pack that hospital bag.


Protip 1: Get your husband to pack the bag for you. Lay out the items for him and get him to pack so he knows where he put all the stuff!

Protip 2: Pack the baby items together with mommy's and the Daddy's stuff separately. In case, there is no one bedder and you can't be with your wife, you dont have to rummage through the bag to get your stuff!


So that's all for today hope this helps!

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